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  • Absentia DX version 2.2 released July 12, 2019

    Absentia DX version 2.2 released today.
    -Air Tone Generator #NewTool, that creates roomtones.
    -Hum Remover “Tight” removes hum closer to dialogue.

    Sonogram Player's new functions:
    -Channel Selector for faster processing
    -See Multi-Channel wav files Spectrum
    -Channel Name metadata is displayed
    -Drag & Drop window
    -Ability to compare versions

    Download (Mac)

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  • RE: Authorization

    We just launched 2.2 with Air Tone Generator (we need to improve speed on ATG). We'll look at the cost of implementing iLok and if customers are cool with the bump in cost we can implement it. iLok and AAX require C++, and unfortunately the pool for AAX developers is pretty slim. If you know any, please send them our way.

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  • RE: Authorization

    Hi Dustin, iLok is expensive to adopt. LimeLM authentication is simple and inexpensive. I had to make a choice between value for the customer and expense. I also chose to create an AAX which offered better value. AAX is expensive due to the proprietary AAX SDK, there are very few professional AAX developers. I priced ABDX to pay for itself in one project, which I am told it does. Now I have to decide between great new features or iLok, and I would rather create new features than overpay for iLok.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

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  • Hum Remover

    Please discuss Hum Remover here, anything we do to make it even better let us know.

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  • Welcome to the Absentia DX Forums

    Hi, it's our first forum so please tell us what you like and want Absentia DX (ABDX) to do. If you have before and after ABDX videos that would be super awesome to share them. We are working on Air Tone Maker now and hope to have a beta out soon, also a new AAX is coming out that allows Phase Synchronizer to work in Pro Tools.

    All the thank you emails have been greatly appreciated by the team.

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