Removing dialogue

  • I have a unique situation and I'm hoping your app will have a solution. We are recording with an ambisonic microphone and a boom at the same time. Is it possible to remove the dialogue from 4 A-Format ambisonic audio channels? We want to do this and then process the ambisonic audio into a surround mix and lay the boom back over.

    Any advice you can offer would be really appreciated. Thank you.

  • Hello can you please clarify your request?
    You would like the Boom (dialog) and Ambisonics (no dialog) to remain in Sync?
    We are assuming you are using the combination of PS and ATG ??

  • We want to record simultaneously with a Rode NT SF1 ambisonic mic and a boom and remove the dialogue from the 4 channel ambisonic recording. Then we will process the ambisonic recording into a quick surround mix. This will allow us to keep the dialogue on the center channel and make it easier when we do the M&E. It looks like the latest version of Absentia DX has an option to remove dialogue, might this work with an ambisonic recording?

  • Hello, we are not sure how Air Tone Generator will work on Ambisonic recordings.
    But if you send us a sample we could test it and the the results back.
    You can submit you samples on this link

  • @lucianodelzoppo Thank you. I will send a few samples tomorrow.

  • Hello, I just sent you the processed files to your email.

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