Upgrading OS and Hardware

  • Hi There,

    I m using AbsentiaDX v2.2.3 as my core dialogue editing software on a custom build core i7 4th gen PC with Win 7 64 ultimate , as Microsoft discontinue win 7 in coming days, i m planning to move to Windows 10 Pro with a possible hardware upgrade, i have the following questions in my mind.

    1- What Should i do to register ABsentia DX again, If i upgrade my OS with a clean
    install to Windows 10 pro with the same hardware ?
    2- What should i do to register ABsentia DX again, If i upgrade both my OS to Windows
    10 Pro and Hardware to i7 8th gen PC ?

    Kindly reply at your earliest so i can make my decision .
    Syed Ather Jafri

  • Hello Ather, please excuse the delay in my reply. Either way you need to simple De-Activate Absentia DX first, by going to Settings Menu > Help > Deactivate License.
    Once you re in the new system, open Absentia DX and it will ask for your serial number again and it will activate again.
    If you didn't Deactivate before formating there is no problem. The system will automatically send us an email to remotely Deactivate your license. Once we Deactivated it, you can activate it on the new system.

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