No Processed Tab in Sonogram

  • Hi there,

    Today I've successfully batch processed 50Gb of production sound with standalone AbsentiaDX app. It has taken about 9hrs.

    However, when I've opened Sonogram of one of the processed poly files, there was no "Processed" tab so I wasn't able to see and hear what was cleaned up.

    When I've opened the history, it says that "Hum Remover" and "Tick Remover" are done and both are highlighted green for all the files that I've processed.

    Does it mean that the processing wasn't done? Or is it a bug? I have 200Gb to process so I don't really have time to do it all again with the first batch.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi @dmitryn please forgive my delay in the reply. Forum notifications were not running. If you still have issues please send us a screenshot to

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