Phase Synchronizer

  • I'm kind of confused by how to use this function. Can anyone explains step by step or how you approach this process? Thank you in advance.

  • @Bass Hello, Phase Synchronizer is used to synchronize the Boom & the Lavalier mics in order to user Boom & Lav together in a scene. Depending on the Boom distance from the Lav frequency cancellation may occur when you combine them. PS take care of this by synchronizing each channel of a poly-wav. The user has to set what channel is the master to synchronize to. in order words, what channel is the Boom. PS will match the rest of the channel to that one.
    1- Enable Phase Synchronizer
    2- Set the Boom channel
    3- Drop a folder with poly-wavs to batch process them
    4- The other channels of the poly-wav will be synchronized

  • @lucianodelzoppo Thank you so much. Poly-waves answer my question. ^^

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