Niche Request: ABDX hide on boot?

  • Heyya! This isn't really a feature request but more like a potential mod. I've added ABDX to my login items (mac) so that when I start up the computer it automatically opens and then it's ready to go when I open my pro tools sessions. I've set it to 'hide' in the login items windows so ABDX just sits in the background, but it seems part of the ABDX launch process forces it to unhide (or brings it to the front). Any chance on the next version release this can be looked at? (if it doesn't cause a bunch of person-hours of labour that is) 🙂

  • Hi @Dustin I tested on 2 Macs I have with different OS and it works on both. It opens Absentia DX on Startup and hides it

  • Hi! You're right, It's on my end. reconfigured a lot of stuff on my end and it seems to hide-on-boot properly now. Thanks for looking into it for me, and sorry for sending you on a wild goose chase! 🙂

  • Not to worry Dustin! We always appreciate customer’s feedback and comments about the app.

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